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We supply every type of storage container to any UK location. 10ft, 20ft, 30ft or 40ft as standard or any size you need.

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Storage Containers For Hire

 Are you searching for a brand new or used storage container to hire or rent? Luckily, your search ends here! Containers 4 Sale UK hire and rent new and used storage containers delivered and off loaded to your premises throughout the UK. Is it a NEW or USED Storage Container unit you’re looking for?

If you need to hire a Storage Container 10ft, 20ft, 30ft or 40ft and are in the UK we can help. We have depots all over the UK can deliver within 3 - 5 working days.

We also offer a full site survey to make sure you have suitable space. We also offer friendly advice as to what Storage Container to rent and would be best for you.

Complete the Quotation Form and we will get back to you shortly normally within 20 minutes Monday to Friday from 9 through 5pm. We will call you back and arrange everything over the phone for a time that suits you best for delivery.

Price Match Gaurantee

We offer a price match guarantee on all containers based on like for like quality. We ensure all containers supplied by ourselves are wind & watertight condition.

New or Used Storage Containers?

New storage containers for hire are one trip or one way shipped from the Far East, this means they have carried one cargo only to transport them into the UK. They are as standard in blue or green and have slim line lock boxes fitted as standard, they are suitable for shipment or storage. New storage containers come as standard with 5 years csc plate validity from date of manufacture.

Used storage containers for hire normally come in the original storage line colours or livery. They are sold next off the stack and come in a variety of colours. They will have some dents and rust patches and are normally aged between 9 and 14 years. Container life expectancy approx. 25 years. They are guaranteed suitable for shipment with a valid csc plate or acep sticker.

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Storage Containers For Hire Features

  • 10ft, 20ft, 40ft & 45ft in length
  • Standard height 8” 6’ or 9” 6’ inches referred to as high cubes
  • Guaranteed wind and watertight e.g. fully weather proof
  • Suitable for storage globally
  • Highly secure and suitable for all applications
  • Heavy duty flooring marine ply wooden flooring
  • Ventilated to aid in the reduction of condensation

Storage Containers Local Delivery

Finding a local Storage Container company that is reliable and cost effective can be very tricky, which is why you are here.

We are sure you have trawled the internet looking for a good company to deal with, or if you are lucky this is the first website you have visited.

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Some of the reasons people choose StorageContainersForSale.co.uk

  • Reliable
  • Best Prices
  • Fast Delivery
  • Outstanding Customer Support

We are the industry experts for your Storage Container needs. Every Storage Container For Sale or Rent will reach you in good condition as it is fully inspected before it leaves ur depots.


We supply all types of containers in any
size, any colour to any UK location

  • New Storage Containers
  • Used Storage Containers
  • Refrigerated Storage Containers
  • Freezer Storage Containers
  • 10ft Storage Containers
  • 20ft Storage Containers
  • 30ft Storage Containers
  • 40ft Storage Containers

These are just some of the storage containers we supply. If you are unsure about the space you require to site your container we can arrange a site survey.

Order your storage container with the industry experts - simply complete the online form for a quick response by email or phone during business hours.

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